Gordano School

students at Gordano SchoolGordano is a mixed comprehensive school for students aged 11-18. It has 1,700 students, drawn mostly from Portishead, just outside Bristol.

Four teachers from the school have participated in Enquiring Minds, working in pairs with two groups of nearly 30 students from Year 7 each. Students attended one double period of Enquiring Minds every fortnight.

In September 2007, Gordano School began running a weekly scheme of non-curriculum activities with the entire Year 7 cohort, which includes Enquiring Minds alongside other thinking and learning skills activities.

“We all took it on board as our opportunity to stand out. So if you come up with something good then maybe you can be praised, not just doing what the teacher’s asked, but doing something by yourself independently”


Enquiring Minds has been adopted with Year 7 students as a way both to introduce students to secondary school and to give them the opportunity, early on in their school career, to develop independent and collaborative orientations to learning by choosing their own direction of study.

Find out more about Gordano School at www.gordano.n-somerset.sch.uk.